ScandiCurb Freja™

The main focus on our ‘Machine build’ is durability, the working environment, daily maintenance and the ease of cleaning.

The engines we use are Briggs & Stratton, and they are 25% ÷ 35% stronger than other engines used in our competitors kerbing machines. The energy goes direct from the engine into the gearbox, this way you save power and it has less moving parts that can break!.

The engine 6,5 hp, have been ‘tested’ in our machines by Briggs & Stratton, they believe we use only 2/3 hp of power! – Therefore they will last for a very long time. The gearing is ‘bespoke’. Made so the engine can run at a low rpm – this means less noise whilst your working!

When we build the ScandiCurb Freja™ we were strongly aware of stringent CE regulations, whilst not forgetting the environment we will be working in, and the people using them!.

Therefore we have the handles in the correct position. They are adjustable, and suitable for both the ‘tall and small’.

ScandiCurb machines are very easy to clean, the oil can be changed with minimal fuss, and the moulds and plungers are easily changed without tools!

Our ScandiCurb Freja™ is ideal for you to undertake all types of jobs: from small private, to large commercial projects. Our machines are robust enough to tackle the meanest of jobs, whilst versatile for the ornate residential kerbs. Our system is built for both!

It is the same with all our machinery – They are built to last. Our machines come ready for work, and can be operated either by one or two people. The ‘extra one man operation handles’ come as part of our kit and not an ‘added extra’.

With Freja you can do kerbs from 10×15 cm to 40×20 cm (hxw) and watergully 14 cm high 30 cm wide and 3 cm deep

With Freja you can do kerbs from 10×15 cm to 40×20 cm (hxw) and watergully 14 cm high 30 cm wide and 3 cm deep


Garden curbing: 140 meters of kerb uses approx. 0.9 litter of fuel.


We spray ‘oil’ on the machines inside and out, and use sandpaper inside the hopper. This way you will always have a clean kerbing machine – free of concrete and ready for the next job.

No maintenance – only belt adjustments or replacement.


2022 Packages

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ScandiCurb Asphalt

Our ScandiCurber now makes Asphalt kerbs.

The ScandiCurber can make up to 90 meters of asphalt curbs in an hour!

The asphalt has to be hot, and runs best with PA6 asphalt.

We have asphalt machines in many countries and each one have their own specific requests with regards to moulds etc.

We can manufactor any ‘kerb mould’ that may be demanded by your customer!

We are currently testing a special mould for repairing / filling of cracks and pot holes in asphalt.

It can fill holes / cracks and trenches with compressed asphalt – fast and easy!

With our round 3.5 cm high ‘wheelcurb’ it is used to help drain water from the road. The kerb is round, and makes the road less dangerous for cyclists / bicycles.


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